Jay Koober

Jay Koober Water

Due to our innovative Ultra Modern Aqua-9 Online Technology, we have succeeded to make No. 1 Premium Quality Water with 9 stage purification.

To achieve high standards of cleanliness & hygiene, we have set up close loop fully automatic online technology machine where no one touches during entire process ensures to disgorge 100% pure, safe & hygienic drinking water.

Silent Features:

  • Use of ultra modern aqua-9 online technology to achieve best taste
  • With essential minerals which helps in reducing fatigue, skin wrinkles, hyper tension, useful for bones & much more.
  • Best in taste
  • Free from all turbidity, physical, chemical, microbiological impurities, suspended particles, odor, color, pesticides, heavy metal, chlorine, salt, bacteria, virus, yeast, moulds etc.
  • Packed in 100% food grade material
  • As a regular customer, avail special benefits on any event like wedding, party, ceremony etc.
  • Available in various sealed and unsealed packing



Jay Koober


Other local

100% pure, safe & hygienic


Nine stage purification


Regulated pH, hardness & TDS


4 stage jar washing


With Minerals


Long shelf life


Laboratory tested


Use of Chemical to Chill Water



Customer health

Our priority


Satisfactory customer service




Now a days in market, Namkeen is available from lowest rate to higher rate. Each variety has it's own value and taste. You will definitely feel a better taste, softness in our Namkeen products which is available in Loose as well as Company Packing in various quantity. Khushbu Gold Namkeen is made of 100% Besan. 

Khushbu Gold Namkeen

Other Local 

  • 100% Besan
  • Soft, Crispy, Hygienic
  • Zero Maida
  • Zero Trans Fat
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Less Oil For Healthy Heart
  • No Colour
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Flavour
  • Natural Spices & Condiments
  • Manufacturing in Fully Automatic Machine
  • Hard, Unhygienic
  • Use of Maida, Rice Flour, Atta
  • Availability of excess oil
  • Use of Colour
  • Use of Preservatives
  • Use of Artifical Flavour
  • Low grade chemical based Spices & Condiments
  • It can attract danger disease like heart attack, cancer, diabetes etc.


Sev Variety

Papdi Variety

(1) Ratlami Sev

(2) Double Clove Sev

(3) Usal Sev

(4) Nylon Sev

(5) Tikhi Sev

(6) Poha Sev



(1) Nylon Papdi

(2) Masala Papdi